Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift are scissor hydraulic platforms that rise upwards from where they are and thus allow easy access to hard-to-reach places. Scissor Lift provides high efficiency in terms of work safety due to its robustness. Thanks to the Scissor Lift, it is possible to lift loads of thousands of kg easily and safely. The scissor lift can be mounted directly on the ground or in a pit. Scissor lifts are used in many areas such as industry, production line, loading areas.

Scissor Lift is frequently used in cleaning works to be done on the interior and exterior floors of the building, in different areas of the construction industry, by cargo companies, and in storage companies, such as placing products on high shelves. Scissor Lift prices vary according to the project. It is possible to reach an average height of 3 to 16 meters with the scissor lift. We have models with battery and diesel. In addition, it is possible to divide the battery powered scissor lift models into two categories as wheeled and wheelless scissor lifts. Cordless Scissor Lift models are among the preferred models in buildings because they are generally quiet. Diesel scissor lift options are more preferred outside the building or in more difficult geographical conditions.

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