Line 2100 Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine

Our machine is produced to clean the clogged diesel particle filters, catalytic converters and all filters found in diesel vehicles. It has a very simple use thanks to its ergonomic and portable structure. It provides 100% cleaning of all particulate filters up to all the automobiles and the light commercials.

The engine and all working equipment of it are made of 304 stainless steel. 220 volt electricity and air coming from 8 bar compressor is enough for this air-supported model to work. Thanks to its software, washing time, air setting, heat setting and language settings (English-Turkish) can be adjusted as desired. It comes with all necessary spare parts and connection adapters.

• Complete stainless steel internal fasteners.
• Stainless 14 lt. water reservoir.
• 4500W redundant heat resistor.
• Easy to use pneumatic particle filter holder.
• Right – left, up – down moving head.
• Conditioned adjustable air inlet.
• Pneumatic mechanical protection cage.
• Adjustable air strike ssytem