Complete DPF Cleaning System

This complete DPF Cleaning package contains all of the equipment for cleaning DPF’s. Excellent for diesel service providers, truck dealers and fleets. FSX designs and manufactures a complete line of diesel particulate filter DPF Cleaning Equipment using state-of-the-art technology. These machines are extremely effective at cleaning DPFs, DOCs (Diesel Oxidation Catalysts), and SCRs (Selective Reduction Catalytics). This is the same time-tested DPF cleaning machines used in our facilities that have successfully cleaned thousands of filters for clients worldwide.

FSX TrapBlaster – Pneumatic DPF Cleaner
• Patented air wands clean from two directions
• Cleans each cell individually
• Cleaning is visible for detection of failed cells
• Can be adjusted to fit most filters

FSX TrapTester – Airflow Test Bench
• The only industry standard airflow test bench
• Accurate pressure measurements
• Comparison to a baseline
• Finds defective filters

FSX TrapBurner – DPF Thermal Regenerator
• Pre-loaded FSX programs bring the temperature to OEM specifications
• Helps to recover difficult filters
• Expandable for demands for volume
• Operation is simple and reliable

FSX SootSucker – Dust Collector
• Self-cleaning for longer filter life
• Two-stage cleaning with HEPA
• Fast and easy disposal of dust
• Keeps you employees safe