Disposable Fluid Resistant Type IIR Medical Face Mask

Disposables Medical Type IIR Face Mask, CE marked and fully compliant to EN 14683:2019 (European Standard).

These mask are fluid repellent with 3 layers of lightweight materials with high filtration efficiency, providing protection against fluid contamination. Widely used across all industries such as hospital &healthcare,medical consumables & pharmacy,beauty salon, food processing and industrial protective.

Below tests have been carried out to meet EN 14683:2019 (European Standard).

• Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
• Differential Pressure Test
• Splash Resistance
• Microbial Cleanliness


• Size: 17.5 x 9.5cm
• 3 Ply ( high breathability)
• Nose Clip for secure fit
• Ear looped for easy and comfort
• Blue
• Latex Free
• 50 pieces per box

Fluid-resistant (Type IIR) surgical mask is

Recommended PPE for primary, outpatient, community and social care by setting, NHS and independent sector.