Bespoke Lift

Why choose bespoke lifts? One answer is ‘longevity’.

Model lifts are invariably manufactured to pre-defined standards and budgets and seldom manufactured specifically for the exact requirements of the client. This often results in new lifts being purchased by developers or builders who have no long term interests in their buildings.

Bespoke Lift Solution
A well-considered bespoke solution is likely to provide customers with a product that will give service for up to 20 years making the overall cost of ownership significantly lower than that of a model lift which is likely to require some degree of modernisation at least twice in its life cycle.

Apart from the benefits associated with service life longevity, a bespoke lift solution provides the ideal platform to choose the best drive and car finish options to match the duty requirements and aesthetics of the building.

As an established independent lift specialist Titan Elevators supplies and installs a wide range of bespoke lifts.

We are highly experienced and offer free unbiased advice on the best technology and type of lift to suit your needs and building environment.